Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare NCCY Nominee 2017 Lynne McAtee-Harris, August 14, 2017, Boulder, CO

Lynne McAtee-Harris, RN of Boulder Community Health in Boulder, Colorado, is an ICU nurse with over 25 years of experience caring for seriously ill patients. Her personal commitment to making compassion a priority in her organization has fostered greater resiliency among caregivers, which makes them better equipped to provide the highest quality care to patients and families. Lynne spearheaded creation of an annual Compassionate Care Symposium that provides an in-depth focus on issues such as mindfulness, patient-centered communications and diversity. One colleague writes, “Lynne has touched the lives of countless patients and staff members, but more importantly she has changed the culture of Boulder Community Health by weaving compassionate care into the fabric of our institution.” Lynne’s passion for prioritizing caregiver well-being and clarifying its connection to patient outcomes and family experience has had a pronounced impact and been warmly and widely recognized across Boulder Community Health.