Developing New Innovative Programs$1 Million

The Schwartz Center is continually developing new applications of its successful Schwartz Rounds™ model. Each is designed to help clinicians meet the urgent challenges they face in providing compassionate care.


Preventing Medical Errors

Our newest program, Schwartz Center Connections®, engages primary care physicians and specialists in case-based discussions that address communication lapses with patients and each other that can lead to medical errors and malpractice claims.

An independent evaluation has proven the value of the program, with an overwhelming majority of participants in a two-hospital pilot project reporting significantly improved communication. Our goal is to spread this program to additional hospitals and healthcare institutions across the country.


Improving Communication Across Healthcare Settings

We know that care is increasingly moving out of the hospital. When patients are transferred from one healthcare setting to another, communication and coordination of care can suffer. Clinicians can miss vital insights into patients’ emotional and social histories, and patients might not know who is in charge of their care.

To address these concerns, we are applying the power of Schwartz Center Connections® to promote stronger communication among clinician teams across healthcare sites.

Your support will enable us to disseminate promising programs that enhance patient care and strengthen the patient-caregiver relationship.

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