Making Compassionate Care a National Priority$2.1 Million

Today, compassionate care is undervalued in our healthcare system. The Schwartz Center is working to move compassion to the top of our nation’s healthcare agenda.

Starting A National Conversation

Our National Consensus Project on Compassionate Healthcare will ensure that compassionate care is fundamental to the design of healthcare systems, the delivery of care, the measurement of quality and outcomes, and the education of all healthcare professionals.

Led by our medical director, Beth Lown, MD, and a steering committee of renowned educators, researchers and policymakers from across North America, we are developing recommendations on how to implement, measure and reward compassionate care across all healthcare settings and systems.

We will start a national conversation about the importance of compassionate healthcare and how to create compassionate care practices and systems that are successful and sustainable. Education, measurement and research will also be addressed.



Advancing Knowledge & Best Practices

Building on nearly two decades of experience, the Schwartz Center is developing a unique body of evidence-based knowledge and best practices to advance the understanding and delivery of compassionate care. These activities include:

  • Convening health policy leaders, senior healthcare executives and practicing clinicians to develop our strategy
  • Monitoring health policy changes and research developments to further shape our strategy
  • Disseminating our learning and insights through press briefings, op-ed pieces and white papers as well as presentations at major healthcare conferences

Your support will enable us to bring a strong, informed and persuasive voice for compassionate care to our nation’s healthcare debate.

If you are interested in giving a gift that makes this vision a reality—and transforms healthcare for future generations—please visit our donation page or contact Tanya M. Holton, Senior Director of Development, by email or at 617-724-6416.