Our Campaign Accomplishments

We have a vision of a healthcare system in which all patients receive compassionate healthcare and all clinicians are supported in delivering it.

Donations from over 220 donors totaling $5.5 million have given us the confidence and financial strength to reach ambitious goals and implement new strategic activities, including:

  • Growing the Schwartz Center’s impact to a national scale by adding 127 new Schwartz Center members across the country in 2014 and 2015, including hospitals, primary care practices, hospice programs, and long-term care sites.
  • Identifying best practices in compassionate care in 35 U.S. hospitals and health systems, and distributing these findings to healthcare leaders nationwide.
  • Convening national experts multiple times a year to discuss the role of compassionate care in key healthcare issues facing the country and disseminating regular whitepapers.
  • Measuring compassionate healthcare by developing and testing a scale primarily in long-term settings, and clarifying care standards that can be implemented across various healthcare settings.


We envision a healthcare system in which all patients receive compassionate care and all caregivers are supported by their organizations to provide it. We are on the threshold of exciting changes for the entire organization and we are grateful to all the supporters of the Schwartz Center at this critical juncture. Thank you.


Watch our campaign video to see what we’ve accomplished with these funds: