Only one caregiver each year is honored with the National Compassionate Caregiver of the Year (NCCY) Award. Yet more than 2,600 compassionate caregivers have been recognized since 2008 by grateful patients and families who make a donation to the Schwartz Center in their name.

The Honor Your Caregiver program celebrates the thousands of acts of compassion, whether modest or exceptional, rendered every day by caregivers of all kinds.

By donating to the Schwartz Center, grateful patients express their gratitude while giving more people the opportunity to experience compassionate care.

Join us. We are leading a movement to bring more compassion to every patient-caregiver interaction. We help caregivers practice compassion every day. We honor caregivers for all acts of compassion whether large, small, heroic or humble.

Honor a compassionate caregiver with a donation to the Schwartz Center. We’ll add your caregiver’s name to our Compassionate Caregiver Honor Roll, and for a gift of $100 or more, we will also send a Compassionate Caregiver certificate on your behalf. Make your thank you count! Join the movement to bring compassion to the heart of care.

Click here to make a donation and honor your caregiver. If you have any questions about giving, please contact Helene Feist at 617-643-4067 or

National Compassionate Caregiver Honor Roll

Caregivers Honored January 1, 2015 – January 31, 2016


Caregivers receive a letter and certificate each time they are honored by a patient, family or colleague.

The Compassionate Caregiver Honor Roll is updated in February of each year.

Kenneth Adler, MD, FACP

Nancy Ahearn, RN

John Anderson, MD

Althea Angel, DMD

Jon Arnason, MD

Michael A. Arsenian, MD

Andrew Artenstein, MD

Victor Aviles, MD

Thomas W. Barber, MD

David W. Baron, MD

Eunice Barros

Linda Belleville, RN

Suzanne L. Bender, MD

Melissa Bennett

Mark Berenberg, MD

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center PCAs of CC6

Beverly Hospital Critical Care Staff

Beth Israel Deaconess Plymouth Cranberry Hospice & Palliative Care Team

Michael F. Bierer, MD

Brian Z. Bilchik, MD

Charles Blatt, MD

Susan Bloom, PT

Sue Bowen, RN, BSN

Arleen Boyd, RN

David Bross, MD

Celia Brown

Grace Brown, CNA

Janet Brown, MEd, LCMHC

Abbi Bruce, MSN, RN, AOCN

Timothy M. Buie, MD

Ferdinando Buonanno, MD

Lindsey Burghardt, MD

Pamela Calarese, NP

Charmaine Campbell

Nina Carmel

Erin Carver, LPN

William P. Castelli, MD

Joey Castro, RN

Verne Caviness, MD

Alice Chandler, DPT

Richard Channick, MD

Eddy Chen, MD

Ennio Chiocca, MD, PhD

Christopher Coley, MD

Kelly R. Connelly

Nicole Cook

Mark Costa, MD

Michele Coviello, MD

Melody J. Cunningham, MD

Todd Currie

Danielle Dagrosa, RN

Mark P. Daley, MD, FACS

Marie Daniel

Gilbert H. Daniels, MD

Jim Davis

Michele DeCarlo

Paige Dederer

Marilyn Dee

Jan Dempsey, RN

Tina M. Denofrio, RN

Susan Devito, RN

Suneel Dhand, MD

Bradford Dickerson, MD

Suzanne Doiron-Schiavone, LICSW

Nancy Dolan, RN

John P. Doweiko, MD

Jon S. DuBois, MD (3)

Richard M. Dupee, MD, FACP

Michael Elkort, MD

Cynthia A. Ennis, DO

Joyce Farber

Hamad Farhat, MD

Jason Faris, MD

Paul Faust, ND

Jerome M. Federschneider, MD

Carey Feldman, LPN

Deborah Ferretti, MS, APRN

Lisa Figueroa

Cynthia L. French, PhD

Benjamin Friedell, MD

Sonia Friedman, MD

Kate Friel

Anne Gallagher, RN

Mark C. Gebhardt, MD

Daniel A. Geller, MD

Melissa Gesmondi, RN

Patricia Gibbons, MD (2)

Mary P. Gitlin

Renee Goldberg, MD

Elita Gould, RN

Raghav Govindarajan, MD (2)

Antonio Granfare, MD

Cheryl Griffin, RN

Anne Harvey Gross, PhD, RN

Whitfield B. Growdon, MD

Ashley Gutierrez

Ned Gutman, MD

Melissa Haddix

David M. Harlan, MD

Catherine C. Hart, MD

Robin Hasenfeld, PhD

Haven Hospice Staff

Howard M. Heller, MD, MPH

Peter N. Herbert, MD

Lisa Herron, NP

Allison Hester, RN

Cheryl Hickman

Mary Higgins, RN

Janet Hodges

Mark T. Hodgman, MD

Jillian E. Hoffman, RN

Seth Homer, MD

Munther Homoud, MD

Caitlyn Hynes O’Callaghan, NP

Pearl Icuspit, RN

Gail Infurna, RN

Gayla Jackson, RN

Thea James, MD

James Januzzi, MD

Erica Johnson, MD

Mary Johnson, RN

Paula A. Johnson, MD, MPH

Cheryl Kane, RN, Med (2)

Alyson Karakouzian, RN, OCN

Laurie Katzman, MD

Kimberly Kelley, RN, MSN

Marie Keohane, RN

Kimberly Kersten, DO

David Kim, MD

Stacy Kirkpatrick, NP, MSN

Randi J. Kirstein, MD

Katrina E. Klaus, MD

Joe Knapik, Jr.

Rose Knapik, RN, CCM

Paula Kolbas, MD

William Kormos, MD

Carolyn Krasner, MD

Katarzyna Kula

Joanne LaFrancesca, RN

Judith Laguerre, RN, BSN

Laura Lambert, MD

Lasell Village – Lasell House Staff

Christopher Lathan, MD, MPH

Edward Laws, MD

Caren Lawson, NP

Joan Lawson

Kerry LeBlanc

Edward Legare, MD

Adrea Lenson, PT, OTR

James L. Levine, MD, FACP (2)

Richard N. Levrault, Jr., MD

Keith Lewis, MD

Armin L. Lilienfeld, MD

Leonard S. Lilly, MD

Kee-Hak Lim, MD

Louise Loguidice

Beth A. Lown, MD

Guy Lucien, RN

Thomas J. Lynch, MD (2)

Catherine A. Lyons, RN, MS (2)

Joren C. Madsen, MD

Michael Malone, MD

Brenda Manguso, LPN

Sonal Mankodi, MD

Bessie Manley, RN, MHA

Lynne Markinac, NP

Feyza Marouf, MD

Michael D. Mason, DO

Robert J. Master, MD

Adam Mayerson, MD

Amy McCarthy, RN

Laura McCullough, MD, MPH

Francis J. McGovern, MD

Linda McKillop

Roseanna H. Means, MD

Judith A. Melin, MD

Donna Melkonian

Tom Michaud, DC

Danielle Miller, MD

Katherine E. Miller, MD

Margarita Miras, PT

Elizabeth Mobassaleh, RN (2)

Rose Monahan

Daniel L. Moore, Jr., NP

Richard Moore, MD

Charles A. Morris, MD (2)

Carolina Mujica, DMD, CAGS

Arun Mukherjee, MD

Joyce A. Murphy

Mary Murray

Deborah A. Nagle, MD

Kendrah Nealon, NP

Dmitry Nepomnayshy, MD

Stephen T. Nishiyama, MD

Elizabeth O’Connor, MD (2)

Patrick T. O’Gara, MD

Luke S. Oh, MD

William K. Oh, MD

Deborah O’Keefe, MD

Nancy O’Keefe, RN

Reverend Mario J. Orrigo

Igor F. Palacios, MD

Anthony W. Patterson, MSHA

Ivan Perez

Albert Persson, MD

Michelle Pike

Douglas K. Pleskow, MD

Betty Pomerleau, MD

Linda Powers, MD

Deepanwita Prusty, MD

Rafael Pupo, MD

Bridget Quinn, MD

Seth Rafal, MD

Nick Rajacich, MD

Paula K. Rauch, MD

Bradford D. Reich, MD

Hope A. Ricciotti, MD

Sylvia Richardson

Donna Richman, MD

Susan Riendeau, RN

Dedee Rigg

Suzanne Robbins, MSN, RN

Shelley Robichaud

Henry Rosenberg, MD

Kari Rosenkranz, MD

Rebecca Royal

David P. Ryan, MD

Deeb Salem, MD

Vaishali Sanchorawala, MD

Robert Sands, MD

Marty Sawyer

Isaac Schiff, MD

Stephen F. Schiff, MD

Louise Schneider, MD

Harry M. Schrager, MD

Abby Schwab

Paul Sedgwick, MD

Lecia V. D. Sequist, MD, MPH

Grace Serunjogi

Michael W. Shannon, MD, MPH

Nutan Sharma, MD

Michael Shortsleeve, MD

Daniel Siao, MD

Ross Slotten, MD

Bruce W. Smith, MD

Cathy Smith, MD

Dorett Smith

Michael Smith, DO

Robin A. Smith, MD

Mark E. Splaine, MD, MS

Nathaniel Steiger, MD

Paul Stelzer, MD

Ronald P. Strauss, DMD, PhD

Mary Sullivan-Smith, RN

Scott J. Swanson, MD

David M. Systrom, MD

Mary Beth Taub, RN, BSN

Ruth Tedaldi, MD

Kosha Thakore, MD

Minhee Throneburg, PT, DPT

Caroline Toll, MD

Thomas L. Toth, MD

Philip Triffletti, MD

Tufts Medical Center Caregivers

Ruth Turley

Deborah A. Turner, MD

UMass Memorial Medical Center Pediatric ICU Nurses

University of Maryland Medical Center Critical Care Nurses

Alice Vincent, MD

Anna Vouros, MD

Denise Wainwright

Ellen Walsh, RN

Scott Waugh, PT

Harry C. Webster, MD

David E. Weinstock, DO

Charles Weiss, MD

Jeffrey P. Weiss, MD

Lisa B. Weissmann, MD

Rachel Wheeler, MD

Eric Winer, MD

Beverly Woo, MD

Keelyn Wu, DO

Blair Wylie, MD, MPH

Aris Yannopoulos, MD

Judith Yanof, MD

Maria Yialamas, MD

Jason Zeizel, MD