Only one caregiver each year is honored with the National Compassionate Caregiver of the Year (NCCY) Award. Yet more than 3,160 compassionate caregivers have been recognized since 2008 by grateful patients and families who make a donation to the Schwartz Center in their name.

The Honor Your Caregiver program celebrates the thousands of acts of compassion, whether modest or exceptional, rendered every day by caregivers of all kinds.

By donating to the Schwartz Center, grateful patients express their gratitude while giving more people the opportunity to experience compassionate care.

Join us. We are leading a movement to bring more compassion to every patient-caregiver interaction. We help caregivers practice compassion every day. We honor caregivers for all acts of compassion whether large, small, heroic or humble.

Honor a compassionate caregiver with a donation to the Schwartz Center. We’ll add your caregiver’s name to our Compassionate Caregiver Honor Roll, and for a gift of $100 or more, we will also send a Compassionate Caregiver certificate on your behalf. Make your thank you count! Join the movement to bring compassion to the heart of care.

Click here to make a donation and honor your caregiver. If you have any questions about giving, please contact Ahleum Morris at 617-724-0249 or

National Compassionate Caregiver Honor Roll

Caregivers Honored January 1, 2017 – January 31, 2018


Caregivers receive a letter and certificate each time they are honored by a patient, family or colleague.

The Compassionate Caregiver Honor Roll is updated in March of each year.


Steven P. Abreu, MD, MBA
Mary F. Adler, MD
Christian Adonizio, MD
Dineli Ahearn, MD
Patricia Allen
Jonathan E. Alpert, MD, PhD
Robert H. Andler, MD
Musa Moris Aner, MD
Meredith August, MD
Alexandra Bailey, MD
Laura E. Benkov, PhD
Kathy Bigmont, RN
Susan Bloom, PT
Jonathan R. Blumberg, MD
Nancy Borstelmann, LICSW
Elena Bortan, MD
Boston Children’s Hospital – Division of Gastroenterology
Vlaicu Botoman, MD
Suzanne Brand
Cora Breuner, MD, MPH, FAAP
Richard Bromfield, PhD
Anca Bulgaru, MD
Edward Butler, MD
KerriAnn Campbell, RN, MS, CRN
Marcelo Campos, MD
Margareth Chua
Cecil Coggins, MD
Adam L. Cohen, MD
Wendy K. Cohen, LICSW
Lisa Collins, LPN
Rushika Conroy, MD
Christian H. Corwin, MD
Kristin Cox
Ghaleb H. Daouk, MD, SM (2)
Kathryn M. DeAnzeris, MD
Anand K. Devaiah, MD
James Douglas-Steele, MD
Jon S. DuBois, MD (4)
Heidi DuBois, MD
Bassem T. Elhassan, MD
Scott Elisofon, MD
Mark Ellenbogen, MD
Elliot Hospital – SHARE Nurses
Sylvain W. Ellis, NRP
Leslie Shu-Tung Fang, MD
Francis Farraye, MD
Anne Fiore, DNP
James L. Frank, MD
Steven D. Freedman, MD, PhD
Cynthia L. French, PhD, NP
Justin F. Gainor, MD
Charles Garabedian, MD
Jose L. Garcia, RN
Larissa Gemme, DO
Patricia Gibbons, MD
David Goldberg, MD
Staci Goldstein
Anne Kathryn Goodman, MD
Kathleen A. Grauerholz, MD
Joseph Grover, MD
David Halle, MD
Rick Hawkins
Allie Hershey, NP
Shoshana Herzig, MD
Eileen Hession, MD
John-Paul Hezel, MD
Patricia Hickey, RN
Theresa M. Hicks
Munther Homoud, MD
Mary Jane Houlihan, MD
Sharna Ill
Terrie E. Inder, MBChB, MD
Carolyn Inglis
Richard S. Irwin, MD (2)
Anne Jacoby, PhD, RN
Cheryl Kane, RN, MEd
Elizabeth Kass, MD
Anne Marie Kelly, MD
Katelyn Kennedy
Ruth L. Kilduff, RN (2)
David Kim, MD
Katrina E. Klaus, MD
Arnold Kroll, MD
Frannie Kronenberg
Ronald Kwon, MD
Glenn M. LaMuraglia, MD
Karen L. Larsen, NP
Mary LaSalvia, MD
Caroline Lavery
Donald Lawrence, MD
Kari Lawson
Joanne Levin, MD
Taryn Lieberman, MD
Timothy N. Liesching, MD
Leonard S. Lilly, MD
Beth A. Lown, MD
Ms. Anne E. Lynch, APRN
Thomas J. Lynch, MD
Alison MacDonald
Joren C. Madsen, MD (2)
Samir Malkani, MD
Mary Maloney, RN
Christopher Manasseh, MBBS
Bessie Manley, RN, MPH
Mary E. Manning, MD
Agata Marszalek Litauska, MD
Nicholas M. Mascoli, MD
Denise Mason, LICSW
Sandra Mason, MD
Joseph Maytal, MD
Lynne McAtee-Harris, RN
Kyle McClintock
Erin McNamara, RN
Kirsten Meisinger, MD
Brooke Meltzer
Liza H. Meyerhardt, MD
Ami Multani, MD
Joyce A. Murphy, MPA
Rose Nagujja
Amy Nau, OD
Michael O’Connell (2)
Myra Olsen
Nina A. Palmer, MD
Dushyant Parikh, MD
Kay M. Petersen, MD
Glenn Pierce
Margarette Pierre, NP
Justin Pitman, MD
Abigail Posner, NP
Timothy Quigley, DNP, MBA, RN
Claudia G. Radzavich
Hassan Rastegar, MD
Michael Rees, MD
Drew Reilly
Lars E. Reinhold, MD
David Reisen, MD
Jeanne Richard, MD
Charles Riotto, DMD
Simon Robson
Samantha Rodrigues, RN
Christopher Rosenbaum, MD
Marc Rosenthal, MD
Todd Roth, MD
Beth Roy, LICSW
Linda Rueckert, LICSW
Wayne Saltsman, MD, PhD
Delia N. Sang, MD
Nancy Schaeffer, NP
Lidia Schapira, MD
John O. Schorge, MD
Lauren J. Scott, MD
Kristin Seidl, PhD
Chelsea Selden, DPT
Carolyn Siegal, DPM
David Silbersweig, MD
Natalie Sinclair, MD
Bruce W. Smith, MD
Greg Smith, RN
Martin P. Solomon, MD
South Shore Hospital – Critical Care Unit Caregivers (2)
St. Mary’s Medical Center – ICU Team
Sara Stevens, NP
Marilyn Stewart
Keith E. Stuart, MD
Kara Sullivan, NP
Raymond V. Tamasi
Doris Tavares, RN
Cathryn Torrey
Patrick Tracey, Esq.
Nadine M. Tung, MD
University of Missouri Healthcare ALS Treatment Center Team
University of Missouri MDA Clinic Caregivers
Jeremy Varnum
Richard S. Veyna, MD
Lucy Villegas, RN
Erik Von Hahn, MD
Ioanna Voutoufianaki
William C. Walsh, MD
Wentworth-Douglass Hospital Emergency Department Caregivers
Annette Werger, PNP
Judith Willett
Emily Willner, MD
Mary Wilson, MD
Winchester Hospital Caregivers
Daniel Winokur, MD
Lori J. Wirth, MD
Stephen P. Woods, MS
Jennifer Wu, MD
Tamara Yellin