Make the Commitment!

If there is one issue that unites patients and their healthcare providers, it is the yearning for a deeper human connection. If you believe that all Americans deserve compassionate healthcare and that all caregivers should be supported in their desire to provide such care to patients and families, please sign our Call to Action and show your support for:

  • Fostering Compassionate Healthcare Leadership
  • Teaching Compassion
  • Valuing and Rewarding Compassion
  • Supporting Caregivers
  • Involving, Educating and Learning from Patients and Families
  • Building Compassion into Healthcare Delivery
  • Deepening Our Understanding of Compassion

Take Action!

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"There is urgency to this work. We can and must build systems that promote health and provide compassionate care. The well-being of each and every one of us depends on it." - Schwartz Center Medical Director Beth Lown, MD