A Culture of Safety is a Culture of Compassion

Presented by:
  • Patricia A. McGaffigan

At the heart of healthcare is our purpose and moral duty to provide the highest quality, safest and most compassionate care to all of our patients, families and colleagues. Yet so often, our best intentions to ensure compassionate care are thwarted by many reasons – some pernicious, some explicit – but most of which relate to macro- and microsystems that lack a full commitment to a culture of safety as not only our priority, but our purpose. This presentation will illuminate several of the root causes and challenges to creating and sustaining a culture of safety, as well as the importance of a total systems approach to safety that is pre-conditional for compassionate care. Designed for all audiences (including healthcare professionals, executives, patient and family members, patient and family advocates and experience professionals, and others), this webinar will provide participants with meaningful recommendations and resources to accelerate and sustain a culture of safety and optimize compassionate care.

In this presentation, Patricia teaches participants how to characterize the relationship between a culture of safety, patient and workforce safety and compassionate care, identify at least three detractors and three critical success factors that are related to a culture of safety and finally, apply at least one essential recommendation to their patient safety and workforce safety activities or programs that may optimize compassionate care in their organization.

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