Awakening Compassion in the Social Architecture of Health Care Organizations

Presented by:
  • Monica C. Worline

This webinar will inspire ideas for awakening compassion at the organizational and system levels in health care. While more and more evidence mounts that compassion matters for people doing the work of providing health care—it increases safety, promotes learning, prevents burnout, and fosters collaboration—our organizations and systems are often poorly set up to make compassion part of our everyday working lives. Monica Worline and Jane Dutton, authors of the new book Awakening Compassion at Work, draw from over 15 years of research on compassion in organizations to offer an accessible and practical framework for understanding how to awaken compassion across organizations and systems in a more competent and sustainable fashion. They have developed a research-grounded framework they refer to as the “social architecture” of organizations and they show how tapping into this social architecture can inspire new ways of bringing compassion into workplaces. Going beyond just culture and values, this webinar will invite you to consider your organization’s network ties, role definitions, and routines as keys to fostering more compassion. Monica will introduce the social architecture framework and illustrate it with stories and examples of how it can be used in any organization to inspire change. We will conclude with a blueprint of generative questions and ideas for awakening compassion by understanding and using the social architecture your system.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Define the social architecture of an organization and explain its relevance to promoting compassion in work environments
  • Articulate an evidence-based case for focusing on compassion at the organization and system level in health care
  • Engage in creative and generative conversations that foster awakening compassion in organizations beyond a focus on culture and values to include change in an organizations network structures, role definitions and role crafting, and routines
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