Colliding Emotions in Clinical Medicine: The Dialectic of Anger and Compassion

Presented by:
  • Christine Runyan, PhD

Mixed feelings are not new territory for clinicians: many of us have learned to care with compassion for our patients, whatever challenges and choices they present us with. However, even the most compassionate clinicians are struggling now with the state of our healthcare system and the demands it places on staff being called to care for very sick people who have declined vaccination for COVID-19. In this webinar, clinical health psychologist Dr. Christine Runyan will explore the opposing internal experiences of anger and compassion that so many clinicians are grappling with today, asking: What is the relationship between these emotions? What should we do when anger enters clinical practice? And what do clinicians need to know about managing the emotions that attend the real and complex challenges of the moment?

Christine Runyan, PhD, is a professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, co-founder of Tend Health, and a mindfulness teacher at the UMass Memorial Center for Mindfulness.

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