Sustainable Compassion for Health Professionals

Presented by:
  • Brooke D. Lavelle

Sustainable Compassion Training (SCT) is a method designed to empower people who work in all areas of care and service. SCT is designed to help people realize a power of unconditional care from within that is deeply healing and sustaining, that makes them more fully present to self and others, and that empowers a strong, active compassion for persons that is not subject to empathy fatigue and burnout. In this webinar, Dr. Lavelle explores methods for cultivating more sustainable care and compassion. She also considers systemic and organizational conditions that impede compassion and explores ways of creating the conditions necessary to support and sustain compassionate care for all.

During this webinar, Dr. Lavelle helps participants understand the importance of receiving care, self care and extending care for avoiding empathy fatigue and burnout, as well as obstacles to compassion and care at the individual and systems level. Dr. Lavelle also allow participants to apply tools for enhancing compassion and care in daily life and in the workplace.

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