Champions of Compassion

Our Champions of Compassion are individual donors who have been contributing to the Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare for at least half of our 22 years.

David Abelman and Marilyn Weil-Abelman
Marcia Allar
Marsha and Tom Alperin
Jane Alpers
Stuart and Diane Altman
Dianne and Scott Anderson
Anonymous (5)
Maureen Arkle and Gary Fitzpatrick
Beverly A. Armstrong, JD, MBA
Judy and Mark Armstrong
Elissa B. Arons, MD
Tina Aronson and Koby A. Rotstein
Michael J. Astrue and Laura W. Mali-Astrue
Richard Averbuch and April Austin
Donald and Karen Bachman
Charlie and Lauren Baker
Laurie Ansorge Ball
Arthur and Rachael Barabell
Jack F. Barry and Ellen R. Kelly Barry
Julia Bartholomay
Mimi Bartholomay
Marc and Lorraine Batt
Eleanor A. Becker
Chaia Bekefi, MSW
Sarah E. Bell
Margery R. Bendetson
Deborah E. Benjamin
Patricia A. Benjamin
Kay A. Bennett and Edmund J. Prescottano
Linda Bentley
Mark and Julie Berenberg
Jerry and Fran Berger
Terry G. Bergman
Samuel A. Berkman, MD, FACP
Dr. Harris A. Berman and Ruth Nemzoff
Joan Feinberg Berns, PhD
Peter and Lisa Biagetti
Michael Blau and Ann Muschett
Maura and Roger Boucher
Catherine Brady
Marcie and Jeff Brawer
Maura J. Brennan, MD
Patricia A. Bresky
Martin and Marian Broder
Corinne Broderick and Richard Winn
Catherine Bromberg
Heidi Brown and Richard Moche
Cathy Buch, MD
Drs. Brad and Andrea Buchbinder, In memory of Frances and Jerry Gold
Allan and Rhea Bufferd
Nancy L. Cahners
Martha Casey
Abbie Celniker and Trevor Kaye, MD
Dr. Richard E. Chaisson and Judith Harding
Joseph A. Chazan, MD
James D. Circo
Chris Cleary
Thomas P. Coakley and Nancy C. Keebler
Jay and Virginia Coburn
Linda and Barry Coffman
Andrea Cohen and Carl Zack
Barbara H. Cohen
Carol Feinberg Cohen
Ellen Cohen and Daniel Haber
Helen and David Cohen
Howard Cohen and Myra Musicant
The Cohen/Vullo Family
Joyce Cohen and David B. Hellman
Wendy and Richard Cohen
Milton and Lilla Cooper
Ruth S. Cope, PhD
Lois and Lincoln Cornell
Harvey and Cathy Cotton
Laurie Cowan and Ric Phillips
Ethan E. Crain
Thomas and Geraldine Crane
Cynthia and Harvey Creem
Deborah and Tom Daccord
Michelle Davis and John Rochester
Margie Ross Decter and Adam Decter
Tom and Midge DeSimone
Joseph and Donna DiPersio
Ralph and Tricia DiPisa
Bernadette M. Di Re
Rich and Kris Doherty
Catlin Donnelly and Hampton Watkins
Susan M. Donnelly
Mark and Kate Donovan
Anne E. Doyle and James H. Stock
Andrew Dreyfus and Lynn Modell
Stacey Drubner, JD, MSW, MPH
Drs. Jon and Heidi DuBois
James Duggan and Claire Weiss
Kitty and Mike Dukakis
Jay S. Duker and Julie Starr-Duker
Dr. David M. Eisenberg and Rabbi Elaine Zecher
Betsey Eltonhead
Patti L. Embry-Tautenhan and Jeff Tautenhan
John Erwin
Susan and Walter Ettinger, MD
Wendy Everett, ScD
Jack Fainberg and Jennifer Peck
Marsha H. Fanucci and Thomas Wolfe
Mark and Janet Feinberg
Michael S. Feldberg and Ruth Lazarus
Luisa Fertitta, MS, RNC
Stephanie G. Fidel and Mark Huberman
Steven V. Fischel and Lisa C. Plantefaber
Fischman Family (Nancy and Steven, Ben and Wendy, Laura Fischman and Tony Schwenson)
Robin Lipson and Matt Fishman
Jane Fitzsimmons, RN, MSN
Stephie Fleck and Michael Morin
Valerie and Doug Fleishman
Betsy P. Frawley and James M. Litton
Cynthia Frawley
Susan Frawley and Herb Luther
Beth and Doug Freeman
David and Nancy Fulton
Gary and Ethel Furst
Nicole Gakidis
Diane and Michael Gardener
Linda and Steven Gelda
Timothy and Madeleine Gens
Kay M. George, RN
Elizabeth B. Gerlach
Paul and Laurie Gershkowitz
Alyce A. Getler, PsyD
Pamela P. Giannatsis
Garrett and Leigh Gillespie
Andrew Gillies, MD and Catherine Cahners
Patrick and Lee Ann Gilligan
Connie Gilson
Joan and James Gilson
Mitchell J. Gitkind and Judith B. Powell
Bonnell W. Glass, RN and Dwight G. Geha, MD
Judy Glasser
Liz Brody Gluck and Ronald Gluck
Leslie and Stan Godoff
Carol and Avram Goldberg,
Deborah Goldberg and Michael Winter
Joshua R. Goldberg
Bonnie K. Goldsmith
Abby and Brett Gordon
Ellen and Michael Gordon, MD
Joan Gordon
Naomi Gordon
Tom Grape
Roger and Laura Gray
Barbara Rubin Green
Debby and Tony Green
Alan and Elizabeth Green
Phyllis Green
Carolyn Greenberg and J. David Allred
Michele Hagan
Barbara Hausman
James and Kathleen Heffernan
Leslie and Scott Hefter
Sheila and Irwin Heller
Marcia Hertz
Ruth L. Hertz
John and Meg Hesselmann
Win and Margie Hodges
Ronald and Toby Hollander
Marc and Diane Homer
Beth Honan and Daniel Concaugh
Eve Horwitz and Steve Emmerich
Therese M. Hudson-Jinks, RN, MSN
Brooke and Bob Hynes
Alice Isenberg
Michael A. Jacobs and Ellen L. Fuerst
Murray A. Jacobson Family Foundation
Alison Poorvu Jaffe and Daniel Jaffe
Stacy N. Jagher, LICSW
Ellen Janos
Christopher M. Jedrey, Esq.
Michael Joachim and Ellen Winer
Deborah C. Joelson
Marie B. Johnson
Paula Johnson, MD, and Robert Sands, MD
Robb W. Johnson and Rick Gosselin
Phil and Beverly Johnston
Miriam G. Jost
Jerome and Sheridan Kassirer
Monte and Janice Kaufman
Katherine and John Kaufmann
Andrea and Tom Kelly
Lisa Kelly-Croswell and Tom Croswell
Susan M. Kenyon
Cameron Kerry and Kathy Weinman
Stephen W. Kidder and Judith A. Malone
Ruth Kilduff, RN, and Jay Carrigan
Jon M. Kingsdale and Rosalie R. Phillips
Marie and Charlie Kireker
Seth A. and Beth S. Klarman
Dyanne Klein and Barry Klegman
Jean Klugman
Bill and Deborah Knowlton
Ruth G. Koblenzer
Richard Kobus and Julia E. Kaihlanen Kobus
Barry and Laura Korobkin
Mary Kraft, MD
Jonathan and Janet Kravetz
Edward Krupat
Marilyn E. Lambert
Carolyn S. Langer, MD, JD, MPH
Kenneth Lawton, MD
Marianne Leahy and Bruce M. Logan
Mary Kay Leonard and Richard Valachovic
Peter D. Levin and Samara L. Kaufman
Steven and Marjorie Levin
Anne L. Levine and Howard Smith
Sandra Y. Levine
Linda and Jeff Levin-Scherz
Neal Levitan and Audrey Zabin
Kristin Lewis
Stephen R. Lewis and Mary D. Atkinson
Deborah and Robert Litt
George and Carol Little
Carol S. Lobron
Richard Lord
Dr. Beth Lown and the Piken Family
Richard and Susan Lynch
Thomas Lynch, Jr., MD, and Laura Pappano
Patrice MacCune
Amy and Kenneth MacNulty
Thomas F. Maloney, Esq.
Pamela Mann and David Baron, MD
Eliane and Gary Markoff – Art in Giving for The Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation
Dick Marks and Jennifer Morrison
Joanne Marqusee and Lawrence Mottley, MD
Jameson and Polly Marvin
Claire and Cornelius Marx
Sarah May and Douglass Johnston
Honor E. McClellan, PhD
Richard McCready and Rosemary McCarthy
Susan McDonough and Carl B. Rosenfield
Susan McLaren and Philip Guymont
Judith A. Melin, MD, FACP
Brooke and Eric Meltzer
Clare Midgley and Robert Leuchtner, PhD
Tressa Miller Schwartz
Evvajean Mintz
Dolores and Marvin Mitchell
Carol Mostow, LICSW, and John Bowen
Robert Muffly and Carol Buckler
Karen A. Munkley
Joyce A. Murphy
Jay and Ellen Naparstek
Joseph and Margaret Newhouse
Lynn and "Nick" Nicholas
Britain W. Nicholson, MD, and Celeste Robb-Nicholson, MD
The Novack Family
Fritz and Luciana Noymer
James J. O'Connell, MD
Consuelo O'Connoll Donahue
Luke O'Connor, MD
Sally Okun
P. Lynn Ouellette, MD, and Thomas J. Keating, MD, MS
Nina and Geoffrey Palmer
Tom and Linda Palmer
Sarah B. Pasternack, PhD
Daniel Wofford and Sarah Peck
Lora Pellegrini
Peter and Mary Pendergast
Nancy and Larry Perkins
Randy R. Peto, MD
Mary and Gary Pforzheimer
Lia and William Poorvu
Robert and Brenda Popeo
Richard and Ruth Porter
Sylvia Portnoy
Debra S. Poskanzer, MD
Ann L. Prestipino
Meryl and David Price
Bernie and Sue Pucker
Thomas and Amanda Quinn
Susan Rabinowitz
Barbra Rabson and John Silletto
John and Laura Eby Regier
Peter and Jennifer Resnick
Mark Reynolds and Clare Reilly
Robin Richman, MD, and Bruce S. Auerbach, MD
Marie T. Roache, MBA
Marla and Cliff Robinson
Anne G. Romney and Timothy Hayes
Benjamin M. Romney, MD
Carla A. Romney, MD, and Stuart M. Beard
Ann and Jim Roosevelt
Jan and Stuart Rose
Charles and Elaine Rosen
Julie A. Rosen and Gary Belowich
Lawrence G. Rosenberg, PhD
Susan and Robert Rosenberg
George Rosenthal
Meryl Rosofsky, MD, and Stuart H. Coleman
Sue Rothenberg
Martha and Elliot Paul Rothman
Robert and Jane Ruddock
Debra and Eric Ruder
Carmen and Susan Russo
Dorothy Renaghan and Anthony Santangelo
Dianne Savastano and Robert Norton
Diane Savitsky and Michael J. Pappone
Louise Sawyer and Michael Elefante
Doris and Simon Scheff
Anthony and Denise Schepici
Bobbi and Phil Schmidt
Rhoda Schneider and Michael Marshall
Eric and Kim Schultz
Christine C. Schuster, RN
Carl Schwartz, MD, and Deena Rosenbaum
Alexandra Schweitzer and Glenn Lucas
Ellen and Steven Segal
Thomas P. Sellers III, and Terry Ann Lunt
Judith and Fred Server
Audrey Shelto
Carmel A. Shields
Diane Shulman
Jill and Donald Shulman
Michael Shwartz and Pamela Goodman
Ms. Phylis N. Shycon
Beverly Siegal Peiser, MD, and Richard Peiser
Jean Karpas Siegel Fund
Sara Kelly Silacci
Tom and Sally Simons
Marci L. Sindell and Gary S. Goffin
Steven and Karen Sisselman
Peggy Slasman and Gerard J. Sarnie
Gilda Slifka
Dale R. Smith
Gabriela and Doug Smith, A Donor Advised Fund of the National Philanthropic Trust
Gail Smith
Karen Smith and Albert Wallis
Kimberly A. Smith and William Charette
Alison Sneider
Jo and Mike Solet
Alan and Susan Solomont
Miriam Goldstein Sommer
Norman Spector
Alan and Terri Spoon
Marjorie and Paul Stanzler
Sandy Starr and Raine Figueroa
Sherman H. Starr
Tony and Kathy Starr
Candace and Lee Steingisser
Henry A. Sullivan
Jean C. Sullivan and Richard Cane, Jr.
Nancy M. Sullivan
Reverend Judith Swahnberg and Mr. Carl H. Novotny
John T. Szum and Bessie Manley
Jonathan Talamo and Andrea Robinson
Dr. Samuel and Paula Thier
Harriet and Daniel Tolpin
Drs. Katharine K. and David C. Treadway
Jeanie Ungerleider and William Stone, MD
The Usen Family Charitable Foundation
Richard and Patty Vancil
Clare Villari and David Weinstein
Joan M. Vitello
Ralph and Martha Wales
Marcia Wallace and Martin Rubenstein
Kate Walsh and Erik Garpestad, MD
Richard and Jennifer Walsh
Wendy Warring, JD, and Troy Brennan, MD
Julie A. Watts
Stephen M. Weiner and Donald G. Cornuet
Mark B. Wenneker and Amy Billett
Susan Whitehead
Lynn Wiatrowski and Joren C. Madsen, MD
Martha and Jeff Winokur
Philip Witman and Bonnie Perlmutter
Roni and Lawrence Woods
Marilyn Yager
Charlotte S. Yeh, MD, FACEP
The Yozell Family
John and Abby Yozell
Ellen and Peter Zane
Norman and Adelle Zimbel
Susan Zucker