What's Happening

National Scorecard on Compassion

Through support from the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, the Schwartz Center released initial results from a national poll of clinicians and patients on the state of compassionate care delivery. As a follow-up to the original national survey that was conducted in 2010, the new data suggests that the healthcare system has been making some progress in moving towards more-patient centered care, but still faces critical challenges, especially from the perspective of physicians and nurses.

Interprofessional Continuing Education Course

Need a tune up on your intra- and inter-personal skills? Are you seeking deeper knowledge in the science of compassion? We are pleased to announce the second offering of, Compassion in Practice: Achieving Better Outcomes by Maximizing Communication, Relationships and Resilience, to be held on Oct. 29-30, 2017 in Boston. Last year sold out and this year will feature new research, speakers and experiential workshops.

Making Compassionate Healthcare a National Priority

Clinician burnout has reached epidemic levels, threatening a strong caregiver-patient relationship defined by trust, mutual respect and compassion. In partnership with Seattle Children’s Hospital, we’ve developed a video representing the faces and spirit behind workforce well-being. In our Health Affairs Blog post, we call on stakeholders to prioritize solutions that enable the kind of care that both clinicians and patients desire and deserve.

Schwartz Rounds & Membership

More than 430 healthcare organizations are Schwartz Center healthcare members and conduct Schwartz Rounds® to bring doctors, nurses and other caregivers together to discuss the human side of healthcare. Join today!

Organizational Cultures of Compassion

Thank you for making the inaugural Compassion in Action Healthcare Conference a resounding success! View some plenary keynote discussions on our facebook page. Make sure you are on our mailing list to receive updates on tools and highlights of programs, strategies and insights from Compassion in Action!

Compassion in Practice

Compassionate, collaborative care (the “Triple C”) is an innovative framework that can improve quality, enrich the patient and family experience and support clinician well-being. The Triple C characterizes high quality organizations and can be taught and integrated into daily practice while also acting as an antidote to clinician burnout.

Building Compassion into the Bottom Line

Modern Healthcare published our op-ed on building a strong culture of compassion to improve quality and the bottom line. The op-ed is based on our white paper on the topic.