What's Happening

2016 Compassion in Action Webinar Series

In this complimentary webinar series Schwartz Center Medical Director, Dr. Beth Lown, and other internationally renowned faculty will discuss a new framework for implementing Compassionate, Collaborative Care – “The Triple C” into daily practice and organizational systems.

Congratulations Rick Boyte, MD

Dr. Rick Boyte of The University of Mississippi Medical Center was named this year’s Schwartz Center NCCY Award recipient during the 20th Annual Kenneth B. Schwartz Compassionate Healthcare Dinner.

Building Compassion into the Bottom Line

Modern Healthcare published our op-ed on building a strong culture of compassion to improve quality and the bottom line. The op-ed is based on our white paper on the topic.

Schwartz Center Rounds & Membership

More than 375 healthcare organizations are Schwartz Center members and conduct Schwartz Center Rounds to bring doctors, nurses and other caregivers together to discuss the human side of healthcare. Join today!

Campaign for Compassionate Healthcare

The Campaign for Compassionate Healthcare has exceeded its goal and raised $5.5 million to help us work toward our vision that all patients receive compassionate care and all caregivers are supported in delivering it.

Making Compassion Count

The Journal of Patient Experience published “Seven Guiding Commitments: Making the U.S. Healthcare System More Compassionate,” by our medical director, Dr. Beth Lown.