Only one caregiver each year is honored with the National Compassionate Caregiver of the Year (NCCY) Award. Yet more than 3,160 compassionate caregivers have been recognized since 2008 by grateful patients and families who make a donation to the Schwartz Center in their name.

The Honor Your Caregiver program celebrates the thousands of acts of compassion, whether modest or exceptional, rendered every day by caregivers of all kinds.

By donating to the Schwartz Center, grateful patients express their gratitude while giving more people the opportunity to experience compassionate care.

Join us. We are leading a movement to bring more compassion to every patient-caregiver interaction. We help caregivers practice compassion every day. We honor caregivers for all acts of compassion whether large, small, heroic or humble.

Honor a compassionate caregiver with a donation to the Schwartz Center. We’ll add your caregiver’s name to our Compassionate Caregiver Honor Roll, and for a gift of $100 or more, we will also send a Compassionate Caregiver certificate on your behalf. Make your thank you count! Join the movement to bring compassion to the heart of care.

Click here to make a donation and honor your caregiver. If you have any questions about giving, please contact Clara Lauterwasser at 617-724-0249 or

National Compassionate Caregiver Honor Roll

Caregivers Honored January 1, 2018 – January 1, 2019


Caregivers receive a letter and certificate each time they are honored by a patient, family or colleague.

The Compassionate Caregiver Honor Roll is updated each year.


Jeremy S. Abramson, MD

Kenneth Adler, MD, FACP

Jose Alberto Fernandez, MD

Patricia Allen

Robert H. Andler, MD

Michael E. Aronoff, MD

Isabel C. Arrillaga-Romany, MD

Naureen Attiullah, MD

Alexandra Bailey, MD

Amy Baranowski

Mimi M. Bartholomay, RN, MSN

Samir M. Bhatt, MD

Asaf Bitton, MD

Karen V. Booker Ciampa, RN

Tracy Breen

Warren Brenner, MD

Cora Breuner, MD, MPH, FAAP

Julie Brody Magid, PsyD

Dennis Burke, MD

Edward Butler, MD (2)

Caregivers of Boston Marathon Victims

Luis Castro, MD

David R. Cave, MD, PhD

Jessy Chacon

Michael Chalfin, MD

Ching-King Chieng, PhD

David Chong

Sajeel Chowdhary, MD

Erik Clinton, MD

Brian Cohen, MD (2)

Stephanie Cohen, PNP

Christopher Coley, MD

Michelle Correnti

Douglas Dahl, MD

Stephan Danik, MD

Kathryn M. DeAnzeris, MD

Carolyn Dolan, NP

Christine Donahue

Elizabeth Dooling, MD

James Douglas-Steele, MD

Heidi DuBois, MD (2)

Jon DuBois, MD (3)

Florian Eichler, MD

Christopher Fanta, MD

Robert Ferdinand

Marisa Fiore, RN

David Fischer, MD

Rev. Bill Ford, MDiv, RP

James L. Frank, MD

Jeffrey Garber, MD

Matt Gavin, MD

Patricia Gibbons, MD

Timothy Gilligan, MD

Evan Gold, MD

Michael J. Goldberg, MD

Jill Goldman, MD

Antonio Granfone, MD

Kathy Grennon

Daniel Guss, MD

Florencia Halperin, MD

John-Paul Hezel, MD

Cheryl Hickman

Thomas Hines, MD

Munther Homoud, MD

Terry Hudson-Jinks, RN, MSN

Kathryn A. Hughes, MD

Amanda C. Hunt, RN

James Januzzi, MD

Kristin Hurstak

Sharna Ill

Terrie E. Inder, MBChB, MD

Kouta Ito, MD

David J. Kanarek, MD

Katelyn Kennedy

Madeline Krauss, MD (2)

Anne Krekis

Helen A. Leibner, MD

Gail Libowsky Kazin, NP

Armin L. Lilienfeld, MD

George Lillie, RN

Leonard S. Lilly, MD

Beth A. Lown, MD (2)

Lisa Luther, MD

Thomas J. Lynch, MD

Alison MacDonald

Joren C. Madsen, MD

Mary K. Maloney, RN

Joelle Mamon

Bessie Manley, RN, MPH

Sue A. Maraventano, RN

Richard Marquis, MD

Agata Marszalek Litauska, MD

George Maryniuk, DMD

Massachusetts General Hospital Special Care Nursery

Jennifer McCauley, MD

Alysia Monaco, NP

Justine Namusisi

Sanjeet Narang, MD

Cathleen Nesheiwat

Mahnaz Nouri, MD

Christine O’Connell D’Antonio

Patricia O’Malley, MD

Alison Packard, MD

Jennifer Phelps, MD

Julia Ragland, MD

Cheryl Rank

Stacia T. Remsburg Sailer, MD

Lolita Roland, RN, CARN (3)

Todd Roth, MD

Sean Saedi, MD

Nancy Schaeffer, NP

Ira Schwartz, MD

Becky Seefeldt, DNP

Michael Shahan

Nina Shervin, MD

Alina Sibley, CNP

SickKids Trauma Program Team

Bruce W. Smith, MD

Alexander Soukas, MD, PhD

South Shore Health System – Emerson 6

South Shore Hospital – Critical Care Unit


Sunita Srivastava, MD

St. André Health Care Caregivers

Amy Stansfield, RN, MBA

George H. Theodore, MD

George Tolis, MD

Tufts Medical Center Caregivers

Nadine Tung, MD

UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center –

5 East

Thomas Walker, MD

Harry C. Webster, MD

Mary Jo Wetherbee

Sharon Whitney, PA

Winchester Hospital Emergency Room

Paige Winter, MS, OTR/L

Jeffrey S. Wisch, MD

Maria Yialamas, MD


Laura Zucker, MD, MPH