Toward a Healing Organization

Presented by:
  • Beth Lown
  • Ken Epstein

Healthcare faces an existential crisis, which started before the COVID epidemic. The shift towards greater efficiency, productivity and profitability, combined with increasing pressures from payors, has created a gap between the moral foundation guiding the healing professions and the realities of academic, health and healing work.

There is a movement to reimagine organizational practices and culture as more equitable, compassionate, and collaborative. Join us for this webinar with Ken Epstein, PhD, LCSW, moderated by Schwartz Center Chief Medical Officer Dr. Beth Lown. Ken works as a consultant helping individuals, couples, families, communities and organizations repair, heal and promote collaborative culture change and has practiced, taught and supervised for close to three decades. He will review the context of organizational culture, the importance of reflective practice, and the necessity of measuring our capacity to be a healing organization for the people who work in it, as well as the community we serve.

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