Honor Your Caregiver

Only a few caregivers each year are honored with the National Compassionate Caregivers of the Year (NCCY)® Award. Yet thousands of compassionate caregivers have been recognized by grateful patients and families who make a donation to the Schwartz Center in their name.

The Honor Your Caregiver program celebrates the thousands of acts of compassion, whether modest or exceptional, rendered every day by caregivers of all kinds.

By donating to the Schwartz Center, grateful patients express their gratitude while giving more people the opportunity to experience compassionate care.

Join us. We are leading a movement to bring more compassion to every patient-caregiver interaction. We help caregivers practice compassion every day. We honor caregivers for all acts of compassion whether large, small, heroic or humble.

Honor a compassionate caregiver with a donation to the Schwartz Center. We’ll add your caregiver’s name to our Compassionate Caregiver Honor Roll, and we will also send a Compassionate Caregiver certificate on your behalf. Make your thank you count! Join the movement to bring compassion to the heart of care.

Make a donation & honor your caregiver

If you have any questions about giving, please contact us at development@theschwartzcenter.org.



Caregivers receive a letter and certificate each time they are honored by a patient, family or colleague.

10 South Nursing Staff – Boston Children’s
Gail Alexander
James Badia, MD
Richard Barth, MD
Douglas Beach, MD
Rachel Bennett
T. Bennett
Eugene V. Beresin, MD
Debra Blacker, MD
Jason Perry Block, MD
Marisa Bochman, MD
Nathalie Boileau, MD
Eric Bonnem, MD
Boston Medical Center Healthcare Workers
Helen W. Boucher, MD, FACP
Laura Brown, MD
Mary Buss, MD, MPH
Caregivers at Wellforce
Erin Carey, MD
Daniel Chung, MD
Marcia Clevesy
Brian Cohen, MD
Cathy Cohen, MD
Robyn Cohen
Michelle R. Davis, MD
Karen Doyle, DNP
Jon Dubois, MD
Judy Dunal, MD
Scott Elisofon, MD
Brenda Eng, ARNP
Mary Fabio, MD
Jose Flores, MD
Laura Foley
Michael D. Freed, MD
Sharen Flolian
Donna Gaffney, DNSc, APRN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN
Leslie Garrett, MD
GAs at Regis Autism Center
Meg Gehman
Genesis Front Line Caregivers
John Godine, MD, PhD
Michael J. Goldberg, MD (11)
James Goldman, MD
Allan Goroll, MD
Stephanie Gould-Marian, LICSW, MPH (2)
Krista Gregory, MDiv, BCC
Mangla Gulati, MD
Daniel A. Haber, MD, PhD (2)
Hennepin Healthcare Workers
Mary Hill
Judy Holding
Brianna Holohan
Munther Homoud, MD
Rose A. Indelicato, DNP
Joga Ivatury, MD
Patricia A. Jackman, RN
Joanne Jang, MD, PhD
Benjamin Kerman, MD
Holly R. Khachadoorian-Elia, MD, MBA
Ruth Louise Kilduff, RN
Adrienne Knopf, MD
Karen Kurlander
Glenn M. LaMuraglia, MD
Karen Laning, RN
Rebecca Lee, MD
Orlanda Mackie, MD (3)
Joren C. Madsen, MD
Subu Magge, MD
Mary K. Maloney, RN
Amtul Mansoor, MD
Travis Matheney, MD
Kerri Mathieu, PA
Zelma McBride
Francis J. McGovern, MD
Melinda Mesmer
MGH Blake 12 Intensive Care Unit Staff
MGH Patient Care Associates of Yawkey 8 Infusion
Susan Mullaney
Theodore Murray, MD
Lee Nadler, MD
New York – Presbyterian Hospital/ Lower
Manhattan Hospital
NYP Lower Manhattan ER Healthcare
Arthur Ostrov, MD
Ilma Paizao
Lisa Philip, LCSW, MPH
May Pian-Smith, MD, MS (2)
Sparkles Ransom, LCSW, C-ASWCM
Christina Regan, RN
JoAnne Reifsnyder, RN, PhD
Tim Rivotto, PT, DPT
Celeste Robb-Nicholson, MD
Mary Beth Rogers
Nancy Rotter, PhD
David Ruchelsman, MD
Polina Sadikov, MD
Marta Silva
Susan Stafford, MD
Fatima Stanford, MD, MPH, MPA
Sierra Starr, MD
Mary Ann Stevenson, MD, PhD
Stephanie Tarantino, RN
The TEARS Foundation
Michelle Turner
Frank Twarog, MD
Mary Ulrich, MD (2)
Paulette Waters
Cameron Wright, MD
David Young, MD
Malka A. Young, LICSW
Richard J. Zangara, MD

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