Marjorie Stanzler Financial Aid Fund

Est. 2015

The Marjorie Stanzler Fund was established in 2015 by the staff upon Marjorie’s retirement from the Schwartz Center in honor of her 18 years of love and dedication to furthering its mission of ensuring that compassion remains at the heart of healthcare.

The Stanzler Fund provides free access to Schwartz Center programs and training to organizations in need. These sites include Veterans Affairs hospitals, safety net community hospitals and Indian Health Services sites, such as Gallup Indian Medical Center, which is one of the largest service units of the Navajo Tribe. More than 48,000 people trust Gallup for their care annually.

“Actively tending to our well-being as healthcare workers has never been more important,” said a physician at Gallup. “We can no longer be passive witnesses to the trauma we see, but rather we need to make time to care for ourselves so that we can continue to care for others.”


The Need: In 2022, it is reported that at least 1/3 of front line staff are considering leaving healthcare, including 66% of critical care nurses and 67% of nursing assistants in hospitals and nursing homes.

This rapid burnout is resulting in an estimated 4.68B annual cost to the United States. If we don’t support our caregivers, who will?

The Impact: With more than 25 years of experience in supporting, educating, and training hundreds of thousands of caregivers, we know that our programs can make a difference in the mental health and emotional well-being of caregivers.

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The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare
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Read a letter from founding donor Ellen Cohen.

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Founding Donors


Marcia Allar

AMN Healthcare Impact Fund

Anonymous (2)

Phillips Axten and Petra Langer

Chaia Bekefi, MSW

Sarah E. Bell

Katherine A. Bennett and Edmund J. Prescottano

Mark and Julie Berenberg

Kenneth R. Berman

Patricia A. Bresky Family Foundation

Patricia A. Bresky, PhD

Catherine Bromberg

Cathy Buch, MD

Sheri and Andrew Carey

Carol Feinberg Cohen

Ellen Cohen and Daniel Haber

Wendy and Richard Cohen

Alice Cooper

Laurie Cowan and Ric Phillips

Lisa and Adam Crane

Tom and Midge DeSimone

Lisa Detweiler and Nick Mancuso

Rich and Kris Doherty

Andrew Dreyfus

Drs. Jon and Heidi DuBois

Helene M. Feist

Michael S. Feldberg and Ruth Lazarus

Kathleen Franco-Anthony

Betsy P. Frawley and James M. Litton

Gary and Ethel Furst

Pamela P. Giannatsis

Leslie and Stan Godoff

Ellen Feldberg Gordon and Michael Gordon

Robin Hasenfeld and Lester Bloomberg

Amanda and Max Hazeltine

Elizabeth Hickman

Tanya and Randall Holton

Tisa Hughes

Robb W. Johnson and Rick Gosselin

Phil and Beverly Johnston

Ruth Kilduff, RN, and Jay Carrigan in memory of Christian Minard

Bill and Deborah Knowlton

Ruth G. Koblenzer

Howard Koh, MD and Claudia Arrigg, MD

Jeffrey L. Kraines, MD, and Linda Kaplan

Joseph Landolfi and Mary Osterman-Landolfi

Robin Lipson and Matt Fishman

Beth Lown, MD, and the Piken Family

Richard and Nancy Lubin

Thomas Lynch, Jr., MD, and Laura Pappano

Amy and Ken MacNulty

Mary K. Maloney, RN

The Mann Family Foundation

Pamela Mann and David Baron, MD

Art in Giving for The Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation

Dick Marks and Jennifer Morrison

Claire and Cornelius Marx

Ed and Tina Montemagno

Susan and David Murphy

Ellen and Jay Naparstek

Lynn Osborn

Christina Parks

Faye Polansky

Patricia Rieker, PhD

Becky Robison-Veprek

Anne G. Romney and Timothy Hayes

Benjamin M. Romney, MD

Julie A. Rosen and Gary Belowich

Eric and Kim Schultz

Thomas P. Sellers, III, and Terry Ann Lunt

Judith and Fred Server

Kelly Sheridan and Connie Howes

Jill and Donald Shulman

Gail Smith

Alan and Susan Solomont

Stamford Hospital

Catherine and James Stanzler

Lauren Stanzler

Marjorie and Paul Stanzler

Matt and Morgen Stanzler

Simone and Jordan Stanzler

Tony and Kathy Starr

Judith Swahnberg and Carl Novotny

Laurie Tellis

John and Judy Thaler

Jeanie Ungerleider and William Stone, MD

Kate Walsh and Erik Garpestad, MD

Mel and Harriet Warshaw

Susan Whitehead

Lynn Wiatrowski and Joren C. Madsen, MD

Devone Williams

Philip Witman and Bonnie Perlmutter, PhD

Marilyn Yager

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