Patient care is increasingly complex and fast-paced, staffing and resources are stretched by budgetary constraints, and burnout rates are climbing. The need for Schwartz Rounds® is greater now than ever before.

We know that Schwartz Rounds are sustaining for those who attend, but our recent research suggests that some healthcare workers at our member organizations can’t find time and/or coverage to participate. Schwartz Rounds leaders and planning committees have been asking for ways to bring Schwartz Rounds to these teams, and Unit-Based Schwartz Rounds (UBSR) will do just that: deliver Schwartz Rounds support to healthcare staff who need it most.

What are Unit-Based Schwartz Rounds?

Unit-Based Schwartz Rounds bring Schwartz Rounds support to the point of care at the time of need, providing a complement to Schwartz Rounds that will allow organizations to offer a smaller, more intimate forum for essential conversations about the social-emotional experience of caregiving.

What do we mean by “unit”?

A “unit” can be a physical location, a service line or a group of individuals who work together as a team. UBSR is held on wards, in care units, in ambulatory medical and surgical settings – anywhere that is conducive to privacy at or near the “point of care.”

What are the goals of UBSR?

UBSR serves the same purpose as organization-wide Schwartz Rounds – to foster and support empathy, collaboration and compassion for self and others including patients, families and all members of the healthcare workforce.

How can my organization implement UBSR?

All Schwartz Center healthcare members in good standing will have access to UBSR program resources, support and training as part of their Schwartz Center membership.

If you are interested in learning more about Schwartz Center healthcare membership, please complete our membership inquiry form.

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