In 2019, in alignment with our Compassion in Action Healthcare Conference, we are inviting speakers whose work has inspired innovation, leadership, and culture change in the areas we’ll be focusing on during the conference:

  • Workforce resilience, well-being and engagement
  • Creating compassionate organizational cultures
  • Compassionate responses to social challenges
  • Communicating with patients, families and each other
  • Engaging patients, families and their communities to support health
  • Compassion science and practice

The Compassion in Action Webinar Series offers healthcare workers, leaders and managers a unique opportunity to learn about topics related to compassionate, collaborative care from leading practitioners and researchers in this field.

The Compassion in Action Webinar Series is funded in part by a donation in memory of Julian and Eunice Cohen, and is free of charge to all members of the public. All Compassion in Action webinars will be archived here following the live broadcast.

Upcoming Webinars

Wellness, Agency, and Sanity: How to Cultivate Community in Your Clinics

Wellness, Agency, and Sanity: How to Cultivate Community in Your Clinics

During this webinar, Elizabeth Métraux, CEO, Women Writers in Medicine will explore insights gleaned from years studying provider wellness, leaving attendees with concrete models and methods for fostering a sense of community among colleagues that has the power to mitigate burnout, make meaning, and compel change. Following her presentation, Ms. Metraux will be joined in conversation by Schwartz Center CMO Dr. Beth Lown.

Date: Tuesday, December 10, 2019 Time: 3:00 – 4:00 pm register
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