The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare proudly supports the healthcare workforce in providing high-quality, compassionate, patient-centered care across the country and around the world. We are steadfast in our mission to advance compassion for all who give and receive care, as we have been since our founding in 1995.

The recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade and limit access to essential healthcare in the U.S. has devastating implications for people seeking healthcare and for those who provide it. This decision will have profound consequences for caregivers, and it will have a disproportionately negative impact on people of color and communities with limited access to financial and healthcare resources, widening existing health disparities.

At a moment when relentless waves of stressors – staffing shortages, health risks, mounting workplace violence – have already pushed healthcare workers to the brink, this ruling intervenes in the clinician-patient relationship and exacerbates the challenges our caregivers face. Essential healthcare will be more difficult for patients to receive, and it will be more difficult for the healthcare workforce to provide.

We stand by and support our healthcare members and the healthcare community at large during these difficult times. Please call on the resources of the Schwartz Center to care for yourself and others as you navigate the challenges that face you and your community:

  • Mental health and well-being resources for healthcare workers page to help direct you to helpful websites for a variety of issues;
  • Stress First Aid can help you understand the stressors you and your colleagues are facing and offer actions and resources to mitigate them;
  • Schwartz Rounds can provide a safe and supportive environment for you and your colleagues to reflect on your experiences as a caregiver in this moment;
  • Organizational resources such as your Employee Assistance Program or spiritual care colleagues can provide mental health and well-being support; and
  • Public resources like those from Emotional PPE and professional associations can offer additional assistance.

Whatever your experience over the coming weeks and months, the Schwartz Center team is here to support you. We will be able to share more information on additional resources and support soon. We thank you for your partnership in standing with all care providers.

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