We’ve all been a patient before. Whether your health concern was big or small, a healthcare professional was there when you needed help. Now, when we need you most, you have the chance to help us.

Nurses, like my colleagues and I, are facing burnout and extreme duress. The Schwartz Center’s resources and programs, such as Stress First Aid and Schwartz Rounds®, are needed more than ever—and you can help them reach as many nurses and other healthcare workers as possible.

Will you make a gift to the Schwartz Center today? 

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Nineteen months into this pandemic, the elongated trauma healthcare workers have experienced has reached a boiling point. We deserve the resources to support ourselves and our families who have suffered insurmountable losses.

Your generosity will fund essential programs providing a lifeline that nurses like myself and other healthcare workers need in a time of unprecedented uncertainty and stress. You can be the timely and effective help we need.

Just like when you last visited your doctor or the emergency room— our health can’t wait. We must act now to prevent significant mental health traumas from affecting our most vulnerable caregivers.

My colleagues, family and I thank you for supporting your local caregivers. 

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Gratefully yours,

Sharen Froilan, RN since 1995
Clinical Leader, Medical Surgery in Inpatient Unit
Cambridge Health Alliance
Schwartz Center Member

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