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This group’s purpose is to offer perspectives on the concerns and needs of front-line health workers on the Key Principle(s) that you want to prioritize. You may want to consider people from a unit, team, department or other area that is actively making progress on your chosen Key Principle, and those from groups where they have faced challenges.
We hope for honest dialogue between the HHI Leadership Team and the HHIOC, a lot of listening, and opportunities for the HHIOC to co-create goals with you, and perhaps strategies and approaches to address the issues that feel most pressing.
Here are some suggested criteria to consider when forming the HHIOC:
  • Will be convened by the HHI Leadership Team to provide input and execute on HHI work within the organization.
  • 10-15 front-line workers, managers or supervisors from a variety of roles and responsibilities, who work in areas that have had Key Principle successes as well as challenges.
  • May have a consistent membership or different members may be nominated and invited to engage in project work relevant to their areas of expertise.
  • Will meet regularly at a frequency to be determined by each organization.
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