Criteria for Nomination

Corman IMPACT Honors

  1. Nominees must be Schwartz Center healthcare members in good standing.
  2. Innovative programs or initiatives developed within the organization or health system that have had a meaningful impact on the healthcare experience and/or outcomes are eligible.
  3. Programs or initiatives developed elsewhere and implemented within a member organization (e.g. Code Lavender, Daisy Award, etc.) are not eligible.
  4. Schwartz Rounds® and Stress First Aid programs do not qualify.
  5. Programs or initiatives must have made exceptional quantitative and qualitative contributions in one or more ways in all areas of impact.

Areas of Impact

  • Supports patient and family well-being and quality of life
  • Enables healthcare workers to better care for their patients, colleagues, and themselves
  • Supports caregivers to better listen to and communicate with patients, families, and their communities
  • Helps caregivers navigate the challenges of working in high-stress situations by supporting their mental health and well-being
  • Addresses an unmet need among patients, families, or healthcare staff
  • Offers a creative, outside-the-box solution to a new or ongoing challenge
  • Is regarded by colleagues, patients, and families as a force for positive change on an organizational or systems level
  • Has had a measurable impact on patients, families, healthcare workers, and/or the community at large
  • Demonstrates the ability to be replicable and scalable outside the original organization
  • Provides equitable access to compassionate, high-quality healthcare for underserved communities
  • Addresses, reduces, and dismantles historical inequities in healthcare – both within the organization itself and in its community
  • Promotes collaborative responses to advance health equity

The Corman IMPACT Honors recognizes programs and initiatives making transformational impacts within healthcare organizations or health systems. If your nomination is for an individual or a healthcare team, please review the criteria and consider nominating them for our National Compassionate Caregivers of the Year® Award.

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