Celebrating Extraordinary Acts of Compassion

2023 NCCY Award Recipients

    Kristy Capps, BSN, RN

    You likely won’t find Kristy Capps, BSN, RN, at her desk or anywhere else within Providence St. Mary Medical Center for that matter. As the Community Nurse Case Manager of Population Health, she spends most of her time in the community caring for their most vulnerable populations.

    Kristy meets her patients wherever ...


    Laura Harmon, MD

    As the patient rolled in yelling, the trauma team did their best to calm and hold him to do their assessment. This only caused him more distress. Dr. Laura Harmon immediately recognized him as a patient of hers. She calmly took control and kindly asked the team to take a step back, stop talking, and ...


    Complex Discharge Team

    The Complex Discharge Team (CDT) at UK HealthCare was created in 2015 to provide specialized care to patients with complex socioeconomic backgrounds and discharge needs on one dedicated unit. This multidisciplinary team provides holistic, individualized care to a wide array of patients, some of whom are afflicted with medical illnesses that become chronic co-morbidities ...


    Kathryn B. Kirkland, MD

    A gruff farmer sits at the bedside holding the hand of his dying wife of 65 years. A young woman faces cancer, angry it’s robbing her of the chance to fully experience life. Stunned parents grieve for their son who sustained a traumatic brain injury while skiing. Each has a story. And Dr. ...


    Assumptah (Summie) Mwai, CHPNA

    Patients and families faced with the uncertainty and challenges of navigating end-of-life often express how fortunate and grateful they are to have Assumptah “Summie” Mwai, CHPNA, walk this road with them. As a senior hospice aide and certified hospice and palliative nursing assistant at Care Dimensions in Massachusetts, Summie is devoted to making ...


    Sonia Sutherland, MD

    In high school, Sonia Sutherland, MD, volunteered as a candy striper for her local county hospital, and since then has dedicated her whole career to helping her community and serving marginalized, underserved and minority populations.
    Today, Dr. Sutherland is an internal medicine physician and the Medical Director of Detention Health at Contra ...

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