Schwartz Rounds® Roles

At a Glance

Organizational Leader (OL)

Serves in a leadership role (titles may vary) with decision-making authority.

  • Oversight of a departmental or organizational budget and the ability to approve financial commitments.
  • Ambassador of the program to support succession planning, and to promote Schwartz Rounds as a culture change agent.
  • May also serve as the Agreement Signatory


Agreement Signatory

Has authority to sign contracts on behalf of the organization.

(May or may not be the same person as the Organizational Leader.)


Physician/Clinical Leader (PL/CL)

Champion for Schwartz Rounds with the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing Officer and other medical staff and senior administrators.

  • Convenes the Planning Committee to plan and prepare for Schwartz Rounds sessions, and usually serves as the host of each session



Skilled, trauma-informed group facilitators who lead Schwartz Rounds sessions.

  • Prepare panelists, invite reflections from participants, keep the discussion both meaningful and on track, and lead debriefing sessions afterward.


Program Coordinator

Administrative organizer of logistics and practicalities for Schwartz Rounds.

  • Manages securing space, equipment, and food; internal communications to promote the program; CME/CEU requirements, and more.
  • Completes the online Schwartz Rounds Session Information form after each session.


Finance/Billing Contact

Serves as point of contact for annual invoices and payment follow up.


For more detailed descriptions of membership and Schwartz Rounds roles, please download our Roles and Responsibilities document here.

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