Natalie May, PhD

Associate Professor of Research, UVA School of Nursing and School of Medicine

Natalie May, PhD has taught and conducted research in the UVA School of Nursing and School of Medicine for nearly 30 years. An Associate Professor of Research, she is a founding member of the UVA Center for Appreciative Practice. She is certified as an Appreciative Inquiry facilitator and lead author of Appreciative Inquiry in Healthcare.  She is a qualitative researcher, and her current research projects include the Mattering in Medicine study and the Medical Subspecialties HOME Team Program for high utilizer patients. She was also an investigator for the Wisdom in Medicine Project: Mapping the Path Through Adversity to Wisdom, a study funded by the John Templeton Foundation.  She is co-author of Choosing Wisdom: The Path Through Adversity and co-producer of a PBS film, Choosing Wisdom.


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