Founding Campaign Donors Mark and Becky Levin

“Compassionate care gave my mother ten more years of life and then, ultimately, a death with dignity when the cancer returned,” says Becky Levin with great emotion. “As a result, my mother was able to see her granddaughter grow up and share an important part of my life with me. We were ready to give up, but my mother’s physician helped us to look at the diagnosis objectively and decide on an effective course of action. The time her doctor spent with us and the care and compassion she showed to us were true gifts that not only improved my mother’s quality of life but also the length of her life.”

Becky, a Schwartz Center Board member, is passionate about compassion being a fundamental right. She believes that everyone deserves the same care and compassion her mother received. But she is also very concerned that the human connection in healthcare is being lost. She has been inspired to support our vision for the future with a significant personal donation, along with a pledge to raise $1 million from the biotech community.

Becky and her husband, Mark Levin, are both executives in the biotech field. She founded one of the nation’s leading biotech recruitment firms, and he has led and invested in biotech companies for decades. By their own accounts, both are data-driven individuals in their professional lives. So, beyond their personal experiences, what has inspired them to support the Schwartz Center? Mark Levin sums it up this way: “What the Schwartz Center is doing is teaching caregivers to listen to their patients and integrate what they learn from them into their medical solutions. In the end, generations to come will benefit from this kind of ‘bedside to bench’ learning. To read about our lastest accomplishments and see a list of our donors, view our 2013 online annual report.

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