Deadlines and Grant Cycle

Application and Evaluation Timeline

The Schwartz Center 2024 MSF grant cycle dates are as follows:

  • Grant cycle opens on June 1
  • Grant applications are due by 5:00 PM EST on Friday, August 30.
  • Applicants can expect to hear from the Schwartz Center regarding their status in October 2024
  • Awarded applicants will have two weeks to accept and return required forms identifying an agreement signatory and Schwartz Rounds Leadership Team to move forward with Schwartz Center membership.

Life Cycle of the Grant

  • Recognizing the investment of staff resources at grant recipient organizations, the MSF grants provide membership and program support for three years during the initial award period.
  • Grant recipients may reapply for renewed support every two years thereafter.
  • Each grant recipient organization is required to sign a Schwartz Center membership agreement, Schwartz Rounds addendum, and MSF amendment prior to membership. The membership start date is upon fully executed membership agreement and addendum.

Grant Renewals

  • Grant recipients are eligible to apply for renewal following the initial 3-year grant cycle and every two years thereafter.
  • Grant renewals are not guaranteed and are conditional on meeting renewal criteria at the end of each grant cycle.
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